His Happy Place

Lennon had gone nearly 8-months without Gravady (now Defy). I don’t know that he missed it, but being back there certainly brought him joy.

He hit the ground running, I even had to call in a reinforcement (my friend Tiffany) to watch Lennon, so I could talk to the front desk about something because I couldn’t manage him and that at the same time.

He ran from trampoline to trampoline. And fortunately I don’t think he ran into any of the other kids! He’s usually so in his own world he doesn’t realize when someone is right in front of him. I did capture another crash on camera between two of the other kiddos – I actually had to watch the video a few times to prove to myself Lennon didn’t do it (true story).

I organized the outing as soon as I heard that Defy was offering private parties. If we were getting out of the house to do anything these days it was going to be worth it. And seeing how happy Lennon was today was definitely worth it.

Not planned, but the kiddos in this picture are actually in order of how long Lennon has known them!
(Missing from this picture is Aiden and Gideon, but they’re in the video below)

One new development for us at Defy (aside from their new 16 page sign your life away form) was that Lennon didn’t run straight to the dodgeball room. He stayed in the main room a good chunk of our time there. Normally, it’s all about the dodgeball room. Not sure if it’s because the space is enclosed, full of balls, or usually much quieter than the rest of the place, but it’s where he used to spend most of his time.

Lennon’s DEFY facts and quirks:

  1. He doesn’t like the balls on the basketball court – he will remove them each and every time
  2. He refuses to jump into the foam pits, but loves being pushed into them
  3. A normal visit includes lots of trips to the vending machines to press the buttons
  4. His feet are being squeeeeeeeezed into the kid’s socks, but are still to small for the next size up
  5. It’s the only place where we pull up to the parking lot and he knows where we are – he lights up and once released from his car seat, bee-lines to the front door
  6. Lennon has about 12 pairs of grip socks for jumping
  7. His signature move is the butt drop, but more recently he started adding a spin to the move
  8. The dodgeball room is his favorite – he doesn’t care if there is a full on adult game happening around him most days
  9. He is working on the ninja course and can currently complete two of the challenges!
  10. Apparently the “no running” rule does not apply to Lennon at Defy

I can’t remember if I ever wrote about it, but back in February/March Lennon entered the Defy Sock Star competition. Winner would receive free admission for a year and free grip socks FOR LIFE!

Here was his entry:

Thanks to the amazing support of my friends – HE WON!

And finally, after nearly 6-months of DEFY ghosting me, they sent us his prize along with an apology for the delay.

That said, if anyone ever wants to join us for some jumping – we’re totally in!

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