Unfashionably Early


I don’t arrive places “fashionably late,” I tend to arrive “unfashionably early.”

I wind up doing one of two things when I do. I either hang out in my car for the bonus 45 minutes I gave myself or I head on in and help out.

Regardless, I RARELY find myself late or missing an appointment. Unless at work, we have a freaking meeting every hour and people are ALWAYS changing times and locations last minute. I’ve always been a datebook person, but I wanted to share what I use now.

My favorite calendars are the ones that have not only dates in them, but times as well. Unfortunately, most start at 7am and my day typically starts long before that. So, I went on a hunt for a calendar that started earlier or one that was possibly customizeable. That’s when I came across the Start Planner.

I want to also say that this is NOT an ad. If you chose to purchase a Start planner I do not receive compensation of any kind. I just want to share this useful tool that I found for us busy people!

To start with, the planner is gorgeous and the paper is nice and smooth. For those of you who know me, I am extremely sensitive to paper texture – weird (I know). But I always have to feel paper before I purchase a notepad, book, anything that my hand is going to touch. I have the navy “Hustle Planner” pictured below.

The days in these calendars starts at 4:30am ya’ll! That’s right when I get up. And you can schedule out your day through 10pm (in half hour blocks). Seriously – my dream calendar. It also gives you spots to track your priorities, weekly grocery lists, water intake, fitness, to-do list, spending/budget, goals & accountability partners for those goals, appointments, travel and more.

My focus is just on the daily schedule and budget pieces. I also utilize the priorities and daily to-dos. It seriously is a thing of beauty.

I will note that I do “double calendar” and use Outlook as well. So many people send meeting invites for work that way, but I try my best to block out used time on both so I don’t overbook. There is just something about having the hard-copy of my calendar that keeps me sane.

When I ordered this calendar it was right at the time I received my tax refund check, so I went a little crazy. I purchased:

I didn’t purchase these, but the company sent me a few free gifts as well:

And the site also has:

  • A ton of freebies for download!
    Bucket lists, coloring pages, mileage logs, travel planners, and more.
  • A facebook community to help you plan!
    You get the link once you purchase the planner.
  • An email subscription where you can get more freebies & inserts!
    I haven’t gotten annoyed with the abundance of emails yet.

For those of you interested, Start planner also offers a calendar option that starts mid-year!

Anyhow – for people that love to plan and love hard planners I wanted to share. XOXOX

If Kenny reads this, he would say me arriving early is a lie. But only because I arrived late to our first date (LOL). I think my body was trying to tell me something when I overslept for our Panera breakfast, but I eventually showed up (after he texted me, “we still on?”) FIRST DATE INVOLVED BREAKFAST AND A VISIT TO ROOS ‘N MORE WHERE HE WAS PEED ON BY A LEMUR.

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