Progress Report

Lennon did something cool today and I wanted to share.

Around noon he started to get fussy – he was hungry. So I strapped him into his booster seat in the dining room and gave him a small bowl of his GoodBelly Probiotics cereal so I could make his meal.

We still have to strap him in because if we don’t he’d be dancing on the table within seconds.

I peeled an orange. I warmed up some gluten free chicken nuggets. I scooped out some trail mix.

The kid went to town. He’s always been a good eater, something we are thankful for. And while he does only eat particular brands of nuggets and cheese, he will give quite a few things a chance.

His plate was cleared.

I went to unstrap him, he growled at me. I did it anyways.

He screamed. He frantically tried to strap himself back in. His fine motor skills are an area needing much improvement and since I knew what he wanted I helped. I held the clasp still so he could insert the buckle.

He was letting me know that he was still hungry.

That he wasn’t ready to leave the table.

He wanted more.

I hopped the baby gate into the kitchen and prepared a plate of corn chips and his daiya shreds. I wanted something super quick so he knew I understood him.

Once again he cleared his plate. He willingly let me unstrap him so he could head downstairs to jump on his trampoline.

This was the first time he had ever communicated a need like wanting more food. It probably wouldn’t have been obvious to everyone what he was trying to say, but I heard him loud and clear.

Go Lennon Go!

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