You always need asparagus

Kenny and I were doing our COVID-19 due diligence and decided to brave some stores together (with Lennon) to get any necessities we were running low on.

A few things of note, we went to three different stores and:

  • All were out of toilet paper (but we didn’t need any, plus Kenny is contemplating a bidet – LOL!)
  • All were out of baby wipes (we only have 3 packs remaining in our house – eek!)
  • There are no size 6 diapers anywhere to be found (we bought 2 boxes of size 5, which Lennon grew out of late 2018, so fingers crossed)
  • People are strangely stocking up on quickly perishable items like fresh cut meats and cheeses (You do you!) And Lennon won’t be ably to enjoy any of his shredded daiya cheese he loves so much because it was all gone
  • All were out of soap, but don’t worry about us – Kenny is obsessed with buying soap so we already have quite a stash

Our last stop was produce – we needed cuties for Lennon and spinach for Kenny. As we strolled past the asparagus, Kenny caught me eyeing it.

“You don’t need asparagus,” he stated.

A lady nearby (I don’t know her name so I’m gonna call her Alice, I figure with a name like Alice you have got to be kind) called out, “You always need asparagus!”

Photo from Unsplash

We all chuckled a little and then she engaged the two most awkward conversationalists and most extremely introverted folks (Kenny and myself) in a dialogue.

“How do you make your asparagus?” she asked.

I told her.

Then she looked at Lennon. “Hey dude! How are you?”

No response. Lennon was busy flapping his hands and kicking butt at a letter puzzle game on my phone.

“He is so awesome! He’s perfect,” Alice exclaimed. And she was so genuine.

I mean, she was right. But her reaction to him kind of took me back. Most people get thrown off when he’s flapping like wild and not responding to sound or touch or anything else. Even relatives have gotten sensitive over it.

“And you, YOU made him?! How amazing. Is he your only one?”

“Yes, he’s plenty,” I responded with a laugh.

“He is just wonderful.”

We carried on for a little bit, I told her to enjoy the rest of her weekend, she told me to avoid the crazy. And then we went on our way.

I keep thinking back on this conversation and how it may have been short it was so meaningful. She didn’t make mention of any of Lennon’s differences which were apparent, but most importantly, NEITHER DID I. For some reason I always find myself excusing Lennon and his behaviors.

“Oh, he’s non-verbal.”

“He’s in his own little world most of the time.”

“He’s autistic.”

Maybe she recognized something was different, maybe she didn’t. But who cares?!? Alice saw Lennon for Lennon. As the happy, beautiful, wonderful, perfect, awesome kiddo that he is.

So, Alice, thank you. And enjoy that asparagus for the both of us, Kenny wouldn’t get me any.

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