All your friends got one, right?

“All your friends got one, right?” a mother asked her son at Tinkergarten yesterday.

I suppose the answer was yes if all, maybe 7 or 8, participants were that child’s friends. Minus Lennon.

A little boy was handing out little red bags at the end of our class on Saturday morning. I don’t know what was in them, other than that the child made them. I can only assume it was something special for Valentine’s Day.

I was talking to the instructor, Kelly, as the mom asked her son. Lennon was facing them sitting in his stroller.

I’m not the type of person to be like, “No! Lennon didn’t get one yet.” I would like to think the child was going to give one to everybody, but I didn’t want to make assumptions.

I talked to Kelly a little extra, blathering on about something, to give them a little extra time to realize they forgot Lennon. But nothing.

I said, “Bye everyone! See you next week,” and walked slowly in the direction of my car with Lennon in tow.

I still want to think it was an oversight. The fact of the matter is that it now seems more like ignorance. Like I said, I was there for a while, all the kids were in one space, and zero effort was made to give one to Lennon.

Lennon is clearly different than the kids in his Saturday morning class with him. He spends most of the time there throwing leaves in the air and growling. Yes, growling. He doesn’t engage with the other kids, but he also doesn’t mind when they come play alongside him. At this particular class another young boy, Simon, (not the one handing out the red bags) followed Lennon around quite a bit. He would throw leaves and make growling noises mimicking Lennon. This little one is going to be 2 next week.

Anyhow, I left feeling hurt. I don’t really know what Lennon is aware of or not aware of. For all I know, he might have realized that he was left out. Maybe he cared, maybe he didn’t. I think they possibly assumed that both he wouldn’t notice and that he didn’t care.

And while I, myself, should not be assuming anything, I’d rather assume that it was ignorance than plain rudeness.

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