Just putting it out there

The concept of “putting it out there” seems so easy. And it probably is, for some.

I am not one of those people.

I certainly overshare in some aspects of my life on social media, at least with pictures, but for some reason sharing my written word is difficult.

Only recently did I make my blog public and share the URL – that was seriously one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.

And it’s not about the mean people in the world who might hate what I have to say, although some day I may encounter those. It’s more about people judging my writing. And not really strangers, people I know.

I am not a writer. I’m a blogger. Or a wannabe blogger.

And sure, maybe those go hand-in-hand.

English and Composition was seriously my worst subject in school.

Mr. Steinke, I’m looking at you.

But hey, why not? Typos aside, maybe my journey and Lennon’s journey could somehow help someone. Maybe they could better understand autism or mom guilt or weight loss struggles or depression or whatever it is I decide to share. And that’s really my goal. And I think the people that care what I have to say and are on a similar journey will let a missed comma or a misused word slide.

That said, I just went and put it out there this week.

I was met with so much love. No one said anything negative, not to my face at least!

And so with that I’m probably going to blog more. Share more. Express more.

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