Step 4

I can’t begin to thank everyone for already sending Lennon so many kudos after watching his matching video. Just promise me that when you see him do it in person that you will celebrate each win right along with us!

That said, since he got so much praise, I figured I would show off how quickly he is taking to what I called Step 4 in my last blog post.

This is where he has to detach the PECS card that is velcroed to the front of his binder and trade it with me for the item he wants.

Time: 7 o’clock in the morning
Location: Breakfast Table
Preferred Item: Blueberry Pancakes

We got off to a slow start, he didn’t want to work for them at all, but once he realized he was trading for pancakes he was ALL IN!

And don’t worry, once he masters PECS (or at least a certain phase of it) he won’t have to trade a card for every single bite. This is just part of the learning process. Today he requested bites as he ate three pancakes, then I gave him two more pancakes to enjoy on his own.

Go Lennon Go!!!

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