School Zones

School zones. People (without kids) hate them, heck some with kids hate them. I hate them. But not for the reason you’d probably think.

Vegas city streets typically range from 35 to 45 mph and dropping to 15 mph is a bit slow for most. I know people that actively avoid them by taking different routes, people the second they get out of one gun it, and people that adjust their drive times so they don’t have to deal.

I’m not one of those people.

I’m fortunate that I live only maybe 15 minutes away from my work – doesn’t matter if I take city streets or if I hop on the highway. However, my extreme “highway anxiety” trumps the fact that my preferred city street route goes through FIVE SCHOOL ZONES and they’re almost always all lit up when I’m making my way to the office.

I don’t mind driving slow. I drive the speed limit. Yes, I’m one of those.

One of my standard driving quotes is, “I’d rather arrive late than dead.”

Even so, I give myself ample time to drop to 15 mph five times in the drive.

No big deal.

I think I’ve mentioned a time or two that if I’m solo in a car I’m almost always crying. There are a lot of reason for this, mainly because it’s really my only alone time and I have a lot of emotions I need to release. It’s my safe space.

There are three things that bring it on:

  1. Thinking about Lennon’s situation in general.
  2. Driving past the soccer fields by my house and knowing that Lennon probably will never play, Kenny won’t get to enjoy sports with his son (something he’s always been excited for), and I can never be the obnoxious soccer mom arriving hours early to claim the best seats and wearing a “Team Lennon” or “Lennon is my MVP” shirt.
  3. School Zones.

School zones almost always mean kids. Captain obvious, right?

I see little kids walking solo, parents dropping them off curbside, kids walking alongside their parent on their way to the school building – NOT EVEN HOLDING HANDS! Do you know what would happen if I let Lennon do any of these things? He would run directly into traffic. This level of independence is something I don’t know if he will ever have and it makes me sad.

I see kids carrying super-decorated poster boards, riding scooters, carrying instruments and I don’t know if Lennon will ever have the ability to do these things.

And I see kids having fun with other kids. Flirting, playing, talking. Will Lennon ever acknowledge that someone besides mom or dad are even in a room with him? Will he develop “real” friendships?

I honestly don’t know why I do it to myself. Why I do it to myself five times a week. There are other routes I could take. Maybe I need the release? Maybe I need to “get it out” before I go to work each day?

Who knows?

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