The mountains

I love taking Lennon to outings on the weekend. Shopping trip – I bring him. Workout – he’s with me. Walk around the basin – Lennon joins. But there are some things I question. For instance, we live right by the mountains. Beautiful mountains filled with amazing trails, gorgeous views, animals, and one of Lennon’s favorite things – rocks! But they are also filled with steep climbs, dangerous edges, poisonous animals, and plenty of “off limits” areas.

Could Lennon handle it?

More importantly, could I handle it with Lennon?

I know he would absolutely love it, but he doesn’t understand the words “no” or “stop” which would definitely come in handy. Would I have to carry him in the tula the entire time or hold his hand? That wouldn’t be very fun – for either of us. Could I catch him if he ran off? On a good day, yes. Probably.

Then I remembered this simple trail I went on years ago with my friend Justen and his wife.

Plus, I had my mom (Grama) here for a few more days. Not to mention she has a senior pass to Red Rock and I am all about FREE!

We went. Lennon was asleep when we arrived, but I woke him up when we got to the first scenic overlook. Here I held his hand (mostly) and we walked around together for about 5 minutes before hopping back in the car to go to the real destination – Willow Spring Trail.

For those of you in the area, this is the perfect trail for kiddos. I even let Lennon loose!

It was like he understood the trail was for following and he guided us down the path.

I swear the second I complimented him on how well he was doing staying on course was THE ONLY moment where he decided to exit the path (of course – LOL). Stuck his hand on a cactus to his dismay. No skin was broken though. Yay!

And on we went.

He did just about every part of the path by himself and asked for help when he needed it. Grama and I both found it funny that he’d climb on top of a boulder and ask for help down. He jumps off things 3x as tall at home. He also asked for help climbing down a rocky hill.

Check out this little video montage of our trip:

I’m so glad that I finally gave it a go and that I now feel comfortable making this part of our regular routine. Lennon loves being outside and I think the desert landscape is too beautiful to not enjoy.

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