I don’t typically lead a post with a picture, but I just wanted you to see Lennon. This sweet, innocent, clearly NOT up-to-no-good, child of mine.

My mom (aka Grama) is visiting, she’ll be here for about one more week, and we’re trying to cram as much time together as possible without totally derailing the plans I have for myself/Lennon. This means I’m still going to Stroller Barre at Downtown Summerlin today. And that means Grama will join.

We arrived a little early to give Grama a lay of the land, she isn’t familiar with the shopping center and I was going to be abandoning her for an hour to work out. Ultimate goal was for Grama not to get lost.

We decided to let Lennon loose at this horrible children’s climbing contraption they have on property. If you haven’t been, trust me, it’s horrible. Google search “Downtown Summerlin Climber” and you’ll see.

Today while Lennon was running around he decided to check out what was in that silver compartment in the picture. Do you know? That’s right, a fire extinguisher. More importantly, do you know what happens when you open that door?


That’s what happens.

Since I wasn’t expecting him to open it, nor was Grama, we weren’t right next to him when it happened. While it probably only went off for like 5 seconds, it felt like an eternity as I ran across the play area leaping over benches (yes – I leapt!) to close the door and bring silence to Downtown Summerlin.

I received a few chuckles from Farmer’s Market vendors and to my elation, no fire crews appeared.

I should also note that this is THE SECOND TIME he has sounded the alarms at Downtown Summerlin. The first was about a year ago. I had to go potty and we entered the family restroom together – he was not in a stroller. While I was doing my business he pushed the help/emergency button. I shuffled over to him, pants around my ankles to get him to stop. No fire crews that time either.

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