Things you shouldn’t skimp on

When I found out I was pregnant Kenny and I created a registry so that our friends and family would know what we needed.


Crib. Stroller. Diaper supply. Bottles. Clothes.

The usual.

But the problem with me is that I’m cheap and I HATE the idea of people spending money on me. I registered for off-brands, budget-friendly items, and anything that was over a certain amount we bought ourselves. And that’s okay – for most items.

Not for strollers.

We have maybe 8 different strollers in our garage. One we received off our registry (it wound up being crap), one that Lennon grew out of by month 6, and countless others that I bought used off facebook that wound up being garbage too! We did eventually find one that was good for walks, but as Lennon heads toward that 50 pound mark he will no longer be within the safe weight capacity for it.

I found myself at Fit4Mom Stroller Barre on Saturdays lusting after the BOBS and the Thules. Growing bitter knowing that I could never have one. Plus, I thought these stroller were pretentious. That people were buying a brand, not quality. And while I subtly dropped hints at Kenny, there was no way in hell I was shelling out $600 for a stroller – even if it is one of VERY FEW options that can hold a child up to 75 pounds!

Now, I feel as though some of you may be judging me. “Why on earth would a 75 pound child be toted around in a stroller?” Because autism, that’s why. Because if I want to do things, he sometimes needs to be contained. Because he elopes and having him strapped in is a safety precaution. Because he gets overwhelmed and having a safe space just for him is comforting.

Autism, that’s why.

When you start looking at “special needs strollers” they are upwards of $1,500.

(back to BOBS) Every time I’d see a used one for a decent price I’d consider it, but by the time I was ready to pull the trigger it would already be sold. Until today.

Today I bought a practically new BOB Revolution for just $150. I am in love.

The lady told me it had just been sitting in her garage, she never used it because her daughter hated being in a stroller. Her loss was my gain and I will forever be thankful to this woman.

There is such an ease with which this stroller glides – I honestly don’t even feel like I’m pushing, just floating on air. And with a 45 pound child, I’ll gladly take that feeling.

Now, it’s time to off load all those strollers gathering dust in my garage.

Now, I have no excuses to not make it to Run Club.

Here’s hoping Lennon’s height won’t size him out of this too soon!

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