The struggle is real ya’ll

Finding the time and energy to blog is damn near impossible. I see other moms cranking out multiple posts a day, sharing videos on facebook, even responding to comments daily on instagram. I automatically think, “well their situation must not be as difficult as our’s, their child’s autism must be less of a struggle, they must work less hours than I do, or …” But honestly, they probably just don’t suck at time management. I do.

For 2020 I really want to get back into the game – sharing Lennon’s successes and struggles, my parenting fails and finds, and being a real source of information for my fellow autism moms, dads, grandparents, and whoever else might stumble across this not-so-consistent blog.

Let’s be honest, I’ve been quite random with my posts. Heck, I’ve been random with my blog name. But – I’m happy with where things are today and I’m ready to move forward with making 2020 the bee’s knees!

I’ve have a lot of people tell me that they identify a “word of the year” and I’m going to give that a go. My word?


Consistent was the one word that really seemed to overlap in myriad facets of my life.

  • Consistent with my blogging
  • Keep a consistent schedule for Lennon
  • Develop a consistent workout routine
  • Consistently make each day better than the last

With that said I want to outline a few of my 2020 goals (resolutions if you will).

  • Figure out a way to help Lennon communicate (PECS, iPad, ASL)
  • Identify the “brand” look for Splashpads & the Spectrum (develop logo, identify color palette, find my voice)
  • Lose 40 lbs – is it realistic to do this in a year’s time? Starting weight is 165
  • Take trips, relax on staycations, and enjoy life to the fullest

And… while I’m at it, here is an adorable picture of Lennon enjoying his GFCF New Year’s Treat from Veganbites, our new go to restaurant and bakery that can accommodate Lennon’s dietary restrictions.

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