It’s been a weird week.

The only normalcy stems from it being super busy – that’s typical.

I feel like I’ve been walking around in a daze. Kenny had to deal with an important Doctor’s visit, we both had to attend a Child Find (school placement) meeting for Lennon and my mom arrived on Monday for a visit.

Let’s start with Kenny.


Five minutes before I walked into an important meeting on Tuesday he calls to tell me. He had a “funny mole” and FINALLY decided to get it checked out. After a biopsy at appointment 1, them REALLY digging in at appointment 2, and getting the stitches removed at appointment 3 – we still didn’t have answers. Finally, at yesterday’s appointment, they tell him, “we think we got it all.”

Wait. What?!?!

Got what all?

Apparently, cancer.

Kenny took the rest of the day off because I think it really got to him. I think he thought he was invincible. He always brags about never getting the flu. Now the doctor refers to him as high risk. He goes back in 6-months to make sure it’s all gone.

I’m sure it is, but it really is a bit of a reality check, isn’t it?

Obviously cancer is nothing to joke about, but one thing Kenny and I rock at is making light of BIG situations.

For example, “Kenny, I really need you to help and take out the trash tonight.”

“I can’t, I have cancer.”

“Had. You had cancer. Take out the trash.”

He is going to use this for a long time. It’s been a day and it’s already old.

One strange thing about it all is, Kenny is a hermit. He rarely goes outside, let alone be out in the sun. Driving? Nope, it’s his right arm. All the other risks don’t make much sense either.

Enough of that …

Let’s talk about other depressing matters like the Child Find appointment.

I know autism is a spectrum, every kid is different, yada-yada-yada. I’m used to having Lennon around typical children. With typical children it’s VERY apparent that he’s different. At the appointment we were joined by three other families, similar situations. They seemed so normal to me, it was still so obvious how different Lennon is.


And then the forms. Oh, the forms. You seriously have to score your child, pages and pages and pages of me scoring him. And not just scoring him, basically giving him failing grades. Can he do this? No. Can he do that? No. What about …? NO!

I know he isn’t really failing – and I know I’m not failing, but geez. It is a lot sometimes.

Our next appointment with them is to establish his IEP. That’ll be fun.

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