Tinkergarten Time!

Ever since Lennon was 18 months old we have taken part in Tinkergarten. What is Tinkergarten? Here is a snippet from their website:

Tinkergarten believes that children of all ages are able to engage with our play-based learning model. We offer outdoor activities that suit a wide range of ages, because we believe that everyone should get the chance to tinker outdoors. No child is too young or too old to do a Tinkergarten outdoor activity.

A child’s most critical development happens in their first two years. Our outdoor activities are meant to help the x months old, 1 year old, and 2 year old kids start exploring their surroundings and getting more acquainted with their sensory experiences. We love having them use their hands and feet to touch and feel new sensations. Our play-based learning model means that our activities are both developmentally stimulating and just plain fun!

Since the beginning, Miss Kristina has been our leader. Unfortunately, she’s moving to California. She and her two amazing daughters welcomed Lennon with open arms, despite his irregular class participation. On the last day of our last class with Kristina Lennon even gave a hug to those two little girls. Parker, the eldest, greeted him with a hug as she always does – no fight from Lennon. Then Oswin, the younger, approached. LENNON HUGGED HER! No prompting. This is why it hit me so hard when we found out Kristina was moving.

However, we must go on.

Our new Leader is Miss Kelly and we met her for the first time today along with her little boy Aiden and husband Jeff. They were all very inclusive with Lennon and I was relieved.

Today’s class focused on a bit of a nature hunt, exploring (of course), a book about how seeds get spread, and a take home planting project. Oddly enough, today’s class was the most engaged Lennon has ever been. Of course he was never technically “on task” but he did a great job of staying with the group with minimal eloping (I still managed to get in about 6,000 steps over the course of the hour).

He enjoyed:

  • Holding the magnifying glass
  • Washing his hands
  • Playing with the streamers from the package we ‘found’
  • Watching Miss Kelly pour water into a bucket
  • Snack time (duh!)

I’m doing my best to get some consistency with Lennon’s schedule – all the experts say it helps.

Tinkergarten is part of that consistency and where I really see Lennon growing. I wish we could do it several times a week!

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