On April 20th I decided that Lennon and I would participate in an evening run/walk in support of organ donation – The Hope Glows Run/Walk.

Arrival time: 6:00 PM

That means we had two hours to hang out before 3-2-1-GO!

We hung out with my friend Tiffany at her Las Vegas Baby Magazine booth and my friend Jessica at the Fit4Mom tent and we ate a quesadilla and we ran around (A LOT). I didn’t want to keep lil man in a stroller the whole time, plus maybe running around would tire him out.

(I laugh at myself for even thinking something so ridiculous)

8:00 PM came and we were off. Three laps around the Exploration Peak Park Trail, just shy of 5k. I think we were one of the very last to cross the finish line, but heck – we did it!

At that point we made our way to the car, it was about 9:00 PM and I was in shock Lennon hadn’t passed out at some point during that 1-hour stroller ride, but boy am I glad he didn’t.

On the way to the car – FIREWORKS! This was Lennon’s very first fireworks show that he watched.

He might be nonverbal, but I think it’s clear what he thought of them.

Check out the most amazing reaction in the video below.

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