What’s better than a ball pit?

This weekend we celebrated Lennon’s pals birthday. Adalyne was turning three, Locklyne two. We have known them since Lennon was around 9 months old and we went to “No Limits” for baby gym.

I actually credit Adalyne with motivating Lennon to walk, which he did at exactly 10 months.

Two days prior to his 10-month birthday (do you call it birthday?) we were celebrating another friend, Mia, turning one. Everyone was there. Adalyne and Lennon were on this trampoline/running strip and she was running circles around him. He would crawl to her just in time for her to run to the other side. This continued on for a while – I actually have video I will track down to share!

The rest is history.

For this birthday party, we joined them at LOL Kid’s Club in Vegas.

Upon entering Lennon eyed the ball pit and immediately found himself in heaven, because, what’s better than a ball pit.

Of course the birthday party wasn’t all smiles – he had rough patches too.

For Lennon everything has to be on his terms – what we played with, when we played with it, when we ate, what we ate, when we ran around. He’s very difficult to control, but fortunately we came out virtually unscathed with minimal stares.

I guess when pizza, cupcakes and a ball pit are involved – you’re on your best behavior.

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