Christmas 2018

I know I’ve mentioned before how much I love pictures. It just isn’t that easy to go to the studio any more, everything is a distraction. Best we can usually hope for is that one of the props catches his attention and can be utilized for some hand flaps and smiles, but honestly, I don’t want all my pictures of Lennon to be happy hand flaps.

That’s why I called my friend Charise. She knows Lennon, she understands the struggle of photographing Lennon, and she is patient with Lennon. No rushed studio sessions, just Lennon on his own terms. She was going to come over and take pictures for Christmas. Santa Don from my work also planned on joining.

It was beautiful.

We lured him in with cookies and my mom surprised him with a special gift to get his attention.

The moments captured were mostly candid, some posed, but all so special.

Check out a video montage I put together:

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone!

📷📷📷: Charise Harp Photo

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