One of Many Ways My Child is Probably Different than Your’s

As I mentioned before – the likelihood that Lennon has autism is high. He does things just different enough. We love going to playgrounds, to splash pads, even taking walks. Things like this hold his attention, for a little while. I typically share pictures from the first 20 minutes or so, the 20 minutes where he is still engaged in said activity. I share those 20 minutes with you because those are the 20 minutes in which he is a “normal” kid.

It’s usually at this point we lose him. He finds an area of wood chips, sand, dirt or rocks. They consume 100% of his attention and nothing else exists. He usually find a comfy spot, sits down, picks up two handfuls of whatever it may be (wood chips, sand, dirt or rocks), drops it and repeats this over and over. He has yet to stop on his own – I stop him when I just can’t watch the activity any more. Either that or he starts getting sand in his eyes.

He seems content when doing this, amazed by what he is doing. When his developmental therapist (DT) is with us, she tries (to no avail) to turn it into something actionable. For instance, if he is doing this with sand, instead of just dropping the sand, we attempt to get him to drop it in a bucket. He has no interest in dropping sand in a bucket.

While we were in Florida last week Lennon found wood chips everywhere. He found them at Lake Eola Park, at Henry P Leu Gardens. He found them at the Magic Kingdom and at Universal Studios Orlando. He found them at at Howell Branch Preserve and at Phelps Park.

I am still sorting through how I feel about this activity. My plan is to ask his DT when she visits on Friday if it’s even okay for me to let him play like this or if I should be deterring the activity in some way.

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