It’s (not yet) official

There are certainly things that scare me as a parent. Things I wish I had done different. Things I wish I had more time for. Time I wish I had spent differently. Moments I wish I hadn’t yelled.

I imagine that’s true for all mommas, maybe even poppas.

However, nothing I could have done differently could have changed what I’m about to write.

Starting in January we started visiting with a developmental specialist once a month. In July speech therapy was added. For September behavioral therapy and occupational therapy will be added to the mix.


While a diagnosis is a long (drawn out) process, it’s become very clear. Lennon has autism. It’s not going to change, but things will get better.

We are fortunate in so many ways. He shows affection, he has a great personality, he is (for the most part) a good boy. What he struggles with, is communication. Tendencies that I once thought of as cute are now making me cry.

So, don’t tell me “you’ll get through this.” There is nothing to get through. We will work with our child as you work with yours. We will commit to making choices to advance our child, just as you will with yours. We will dote on and love and hug our child just as you do with yours.

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