On the 5th of March … at least I think it was the 5th, I had the pleasure of joining the 411 Mommas in Las Vegas at XCYCLE in Boca Park. And it was AH-MAZE-ING!

Let me start this post by saying I used to spin, A LOT. I went sometimes 5 days a week and loved it. I went to a place called NuFit in Quincy, Illinois. This was maybe 6 years ago. This was when I really started trying to work out, had began running, quit drinking for the most part and LONG BEFORE I had a kid and could no longer recognize my body.

I’m not in the fitness world so I don’t really know about advances in spin, but I’m used to hopping on a bike, adjusting the resistance depending on the instructors calls, standing some and then sitting some, and that’s about it. I loved it – kept me active too. With all the running I was doing it was great to get some crosstraining in.

Flash forward to my XCYCLE (RHYTHMIX) class on the 5th (again … not sure about that date) and it was an entirely different world. Sure – there were resistance changes, standing and sitting, and we were on bikes. But it was still oh so different.

Differences (aka improvements in this case):

  1. The class(es) were packed – I can say classes because I’ve since returned for a few more sessions. I was used to classes of maybe 10, but there were maybe 40 people in here and more people = more energy.
  2. My instructor Kat was like 80s energy extreme complete with spinning ponytail. In the past all my instructors felt about the same and I honestly picked whose classes I went to based on their music selection, but with Kat I can’t even remember her selection because she totally made the class!
  3. It was dark in the room! Not so dark you couldn’t see, but enough that I didn’t feel people watching and judging me – which might seem paranoid, but heck – I used to do it. When you are spinning in a bright room with windows to the street so even passerbys can see you it can be intimidating. You look at other peoples screens and resistance levels and leg speed and try to match to beat it. *Bonus* neon lighting to bump up that energy at XCYCLE.
  4. It wasn’t just spinning – there is one hell of an arm workout thrown into the mix.
  5. AND SOMEONE HANDS YOU A COOL WET TOWEL TO PAT DOWN WITH POST-CLASS. I felt so fancy. And trust me when I say, there is nothing better than a cool wet towel on your neck after a workout.

It was really tough for me to try and keep up, I did what I could, struggled throughout, but I still kept truckin’. I’m definitely looking forward to more classes in the future! Maybe someday I will get to where I once was! surpass where I once was.

I also want to give a bit of love to some of the sponsors that took part in this event.

@pressedjuicery – Amazing as always. I love their juice and went home with Citrus 2.

@proteinhouse1 – Protein House is ran by a powerhouse woman names Larissa Reis who has a big heart – she even came by my work one day to visit the people with disabilities we serve. They had protein balls for us – delicious.

@reddbar – I officially have a new favorite energy bar. The mint chocolate one was my fave!

@ultabeauty, @thebrowgal , @pacificabeauty, @thebrowgal, @henneorganics, @aquishair, @bria.tea, @neulash, @glotrition, @truderma, ccivegas were some other goodie bag sponsors (insta handles). I haven’t tried all of the samples they gave us, but I am super excited to give them a try. I have started using the Pacifica Beauty Makeup Remover Wipes – these things smell delicious and are such a refreshing cleanse. Not great for eye makeup, but did the trick for everything else!


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