Over the weekend Lennon, daddy and I took on a lot. In addition to working on our house as we prep to get it listed I also had a myriad of activities planned. I am someone who likes to see and do everything and I was so thankful that Kenny had some time to join us so I could take pictures! Being hands free every so often is so nice.

I have ALWAYS wanted to do the North Pole Experience at Tivoli. ALWAYS. Unfortunately, it’s not in our budget. With so many unexpected expenses this year and being in the process of moving we just couldn’t justify the expense. Until … 411 Mommas and Operation North Pole offered up the opportunity! I jumped at the chance and signed us up without thinking. I signed us up for a 1 o’clock preview session, when we had our Christmas pictures scheduled for 3pm, all the way across town. Go me! Way to plan, right?

Busy day, no problem. The Operation North Pole Experience is a 55 minute “tour”, it would be a 35 minute drive to DC Photography,  we’d have 25 minutes to spare. Right? 


Not sure what happened but the experience started about thirty minutes late. There went my buffer. Although we had a great time letting Lennon burn energy outside, there were lots of other kids with us and charming Operation North Pole elves to entertain us. From there,  I knew that this experience was going to be fun – I mean, we weren’t even inside and the “show?” Had already started.

Maybe, just maybe, we could still see it all. 

As our turn arrived, my family and about 30 others were greeted by a very jolly elf who was soon joined by a very hyper elf, I wish I could remember their names because they were so good at keeping us interacting with our surroundings the entire time. They gave us a song and dance as they welcomed us into the first room, an energetic rendition of Jingle Bells … it was the candy room.  The decor was on point, Lennon amused himself running around the room. Especially the car and a little cottage he could play in independently away from mom and dad. That’s also where the little girl he was crushing on was hanging out. Because of his age he couldn’t enjoy the candy or activities the other kids were doing, but that didn’t stop him from having a blast. 

From there it was Santa’s workshop, where the toys are made. A sweet elf came over to play with Lennon, but I’m sure he may have been the first baby she had interacted with because the expectation that my one year old could decorate an ornament solo was there, but his skill level was not. Daddy guided him through the decoration, but basically did it for him. Either way, we went home with a tree ornament. And I am all about souvenirs!

What’s really cool is that my family actually collects Christmas ornaments from the places we travel to and experiences we have. One of our trees for the holiday is exclusively these souvenir ornaments we buy/receive throughout the year. 

At this point it was 2pm and we had to hit the road. From what I saw the next few rooms were Mrs. Claus’ kitchen (really bummed I missed that one) and meeting Santa who gave out souvenir stuffed animals (really bummed Lennon missed that one).

We bolted to my car, tossed in on Christmas jammies and hit the road for pictures. 

Overall, we enjoyed our trip to Operation North Pole at Tivoli. I think once they get that tour down to an hour they will be in good shape.  The elves were so spirited and fun, the rooms were designed with every detail in mind and the interactivity level was through the roof. 

Definitely geared towards that 3-8 age range and while Lennon may have been on the younger side he truly enjoyed himself by exploring and getting his cardio in running throughout the rooms.

Check them out at and reserve your tickets today!

Questions? Just ask.

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