Well, that was unsuccessful

We were offered a sneak peek of the new movie Coco. The catch? Arrive by 6:30 PM at the latest for a movie scheduled to start at 7:00 PM. Could we do it? Possibly. Would we do it? Outlook not so good. 

We arrived at the Red Rock Regal at 6:30, checked in to the VIP line (that’s right ), turned in all our phones, and grabbed our seats. Aisle seats of course, for an easy exit if needed. The expectation to have young children wait, without so much as a preview, is unrealistic. I knew that. I guess it didn’t occur to be that NOTHING would be showing pre movie. 

We lasted about 30 minutes, letting Lennon entertain himself by crawling up the steps and running down the aisles. But it was a losing battle and by 7 we knew they weren’t staring on time. 

Oddly enough, it wasn’t a bad experience and Lennon was actually well behaved. He just wanted his freedom and I’m pretty sure he was bored out of his gourd. A chocolate cookie from Ben & Jerry’s later and we were on our way. 

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