A Million Miles

I grew up in the Midwest, Illinois and Michigan to be exact. My entire family is still there minus my sister who is here in Vegas with me. Kenny also grew up in the Midwest, Ohio for him. And that’s where his parents have remained. And now that we have a son there is an expectation that family should be around more, which I would love. So that leaves us with two options, go to them or let them come to us. 

My dad. He lives in Illinois with Kay and visits fairly regularly, like twice a year. We have not made the trip to Illinois, but we did a trip with them up to Mullet Lake (yes, Mullet) in Michigan, earlier this year. 

My mom. She lives in Michigan with David and is amazing about visiting. She stays for weeks, which Kenny loves, and is usually down here two or three times a year. We have also made the trip up to Michigan to stay with them.

And finally Kenny’s mom and two sisters. None have been able to visit, but since Lennon’s birth we have made an Ohio trip to see them once. His baby sister was unable to make it though. 

What really sucks is that I HATE FLYING. I don’t think there is another activity I could possibly hate more. It gives me anxiety, forces me to think about death and we are incredibly budget conscious so Lennon enjoys flights in my lap. NOT COMFY. Oh, and it gets expensive. 

Our new family rule is we can make the trip back to the Midwest every other year, but only if the other family members have made the effort to see us here. I get it, people have budgets, limited income, fear of flying, work … I could go on and on. But,  SO DO WE!

What’s strange is, the visits/ trips aren’t always pleasant. My parents stress my out, his family stresses him out, but it’s just something you do. I mean, who can press your buttons better than family? Who can bring out buried resentment better than family? 

I think my favorite part is actually “back up” with Lennon, but honestly only my mom provides that. I think my dad is scared of babies. My mom somehow visits, cleans our house, watches Lennon and still finds time to relax. 

How are family visits for you? How often do they happen?

Grama Patty & Lennon : Photo by La La Photography

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