Christmas season is officially here

Its official, Halloween is over and we can officially move on to Christmas. Some people might be like,  “what about Thanksgiving?” I don’t give a care about it! For as long as I can remember it has always been my least favorite. Skipping!

Well, we will have a special meal, but that’s about it. No big celebration

I decided to pack up the kid (Lennon if you don’t recall) and make the 30 minute trek to Ethel M’s in Henderson for their Cactus lighting ceremony. We went to see the lights when Lennon was a month old last year and I’m excited to start a bit of a tradition. Having learned from the previous museum experience I decided, no stroller, I would wear the ergo and maybe let the kid walk a bit … I believe this was my downfall and I was doomed from the start.

I’ll just start with the crap bits …

(1) I thought for certain arriving at the early hour we did would be fine, but the main lot was full and I was detoured to the overflow lot. Not a big deal, but certainly a glimpse of what was to come. 

(2) We arrive, park and bee line to the gift shop for a treat. I see a guy about to exit holding two beverages so me and my baby wearing self hold the door for him to walk thru. He must have forgotten his manners because he didn’t even acknowledge, not a flipping smile or anything! I’m toting a 25 pound baby on my front (clearly visible on my 5’2″ frame) and I DID YOU A SOLID. That said, I loudly stated “you’re welcome.” What a jerk. 

(3) Enter the store. It is elbow to elbow. Good for Ethel M sales, bad for enjoyment. 

(4) Where Lennon sits in the ergo ALWAYS makes me have to potty. It takes me three trips around the remodeled (I think) store before finding them. No line,  sweet. The next two trips would not be so lucky. I had to go so bad (thanks Lennon) the next two times and the line was so long I was nervous I wasn’t going to make it. My body temperature rose about ten degrees and I started dripping sweat. I guess the silver lining was that I did make it. Both times.

I guess the ergo made me have to potty, but with a stroller I would not have made it through the store to the restroom, but I possibly wouldn’t of had to go. Still not sure which would have been the better choice. 

That being said … At this point I knew we were going to high tail it out of there the second the lights went on so we sat in the back by Santa and the ice skating rink. We didn’t meet Santa because I know the good one is always at the Magical Forest and I didn’t want a fake Santa to throw Lennon off (only sort of kidding). 

There we sat and five minutes later the lights went on! They were beautiful and Lennon looked impressed. Definitely looking forward to returning with daddy on a not-so-busy night so we can really enjoy.

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