A Day of Discovery

Lennon is a very lucky boy. Last weekend he turned one and some amazing friends (Marnie, Chrissy and Joey) gifted him with a membership to the Discovery Children’s Museum. What’s even cooler is that we already had a trip there planned for the next weekend to celebrate the launch of Las Vegas Baby Magazine.

The weekend arrived and after checking out an open house with daddy (we’re hoping to buy in the coming months) Lennon and I headed to the museum. Per usual I arrived before it opened and had to kill time period – we went to Symphony Park. While at the park his primary interest was in eating the grass. 

Finally noon arrived and we walked back to the museum, I wanted to be sure and be one of the first 100 to enter – special prize from Las Vegas Baby! We got a goodie bag filled with special offers, a food sample and a muum  bottle. Love me some freebies. From there, we took off to explore. 

First timer fail … I should not have brought the stroller. Lennon is a walker and his time out of the stroller was so much more enjoyable than his time in it. Unfortunately all MY stuff was in the bottom of the stroller so I had to watch it like a hawk. 

It was so much fun! On the main floor Lennon played in the water room and the toddler room, he could have stayed in either forever. We didn’t really get to enjoy the other main floor exhibit, a theater space where kids could dress up, play and learn about historical theater because there were too many big kids running around.

When I see kids like that, running around all over the place with no parents in site, I probably used to mom shame. Now I realize that could be me in a few years!

The third floor was next and then the second! A lot of these spaces are definitely geared toward a slightly older child, but man is it fun to watch him run around and explore. He is such a curious boy. 

Highlights for me were (1) in the career exploration area and (2) in a temporary exhibit that was all about a cartoon I has never heard about – looked like a new fangled Sailor Moon.  In the career area Lennon dressed like a pilot and controlled a plane and in the cartoon area he drove a truck. What’s crazy is he knew just how to do it! Already added to the Christmas list for this year – a ride on vehicle that makes realistic noises. 

Overall, an amazing experience!

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