Pumpkin Paws at HallOVeen

Since the addition of Lennon we’ve also added another dog and cat to the clan. Needless to say, we have our hands full. One of my favorite things used to be bringing Harvey to the dog park, but we’ve only been maybe two or three times over the last year. That’s why, when my work scheduled the Pumpkin Paws event, I knew we HAD to go. Kenny and I packed up Wombat, Harvey and Lennon and headed out. 

My lil dude Lennon was oddly unimpressed with the myriad dogs in costume, he didn’t even seem to notice that his own two pals were decked out as skunks. An hour in and after some restless crying, two train rides and a twirl around the carousel he was down for the count and we enjoyed the rest of the event with a sleeping baby and two VERY food driven dogs who ate their weight in dog biscuits, fries and jerky. 

Highlight of the event … MORE PICTURES! LaLa Photography was on site (thanks to your’s truly) to capture a trio of uncooperative cuteness. Most images were pretty horrible, but we got a few decent shots out of them. 

(clockwise) Lennon, Harvey & Wombat – Photo by La La Photography

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