Our first real Halloween Season

Lennon’s first Halloween was unfortunately spent in the hospital and prior to that I was on bedrest so not much time to enjoy this awesome time of year in 2016. I am taking full advantage this time and to kick it off we headed over to the Gilcrease Orchard Pumpkin Patch. I normally like visiting Gilcrease, I find it relaxing, but today it was absolutely insane there with the crowd. I didn’t do my research so maybe it was opening day or something. 

The plan was to meet up with the Mountain’s Edge Moms Group.  But before any of that we wandered through the garden area to take pictures of Lennon who was being a bit of a grump. He likes to refuse to walk if he’s wearing shoes, even though he definitely knows how. So 90% of the pictures are him sitting on  his bum, unless of course I positioned him and was able to take the picture before he sat down. It certainly wasn’t his best effort, but at least he doesn’t really do non-cute  pictures. 

On the other hand he did a kick ass job of not crying, a few pouts here or there, but nothing to make people stop and stare at us. I carried him a majority of the time in our hand-me-down ergo. Strollers don’t really cut it when you’re off-roading. 

Eventually we met up with the other families at the picnic area. We ate apple cinnamon donuts with frosting and drank apple cider – it was delicious. 

Overall it was a great time, made some great connections and Lennon meet some new friends to invite to his upcoming birthday party. 

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