Nights like this

Isn’t this what it’s all about? My little man decided to disrobe. Why? I can only imagine because he didn’t want clothing or diapers to hinder his dance moves while watching Sing. 

I love moments like this, that is when I can get past the fact that yes, the house is still a mess; yes, he may pee on the floor; yes, he is probably going to damage his eyes standing that close to the tv. I got past it … I even took a picture and posted it to this blog. 

On weekdays, most of my time spent with my son is sleeping, or preparing for sleep, or at least in the bedroom laying in bed, but on a rare night like tonight my little, Lennon if I haven’t already told you, is rarin’ to go. Tonight he wanted to watch his movie standing bare naked in my messy living room right next to the tv. I sat on the couch with a few of the furbabies and watched. And laughed. And took pictures. 

Nights like this I look at him and think about how he is so incredibly perfect. So much character. I have so many reasons to be thankful, but this one, this one just might be my favorite. 

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